Sunday, October 7, 2007

Weekly Word Count, September 30-October 7

This has been an excellent writing week.

In the poetry realm, I have written two poems this week, one for the wonderful Writers Island and the other for the now sadly defunct Traveling Poetry Show/Poetry Thursday. 1000 words for poetry.

Then, I found a new website that I just love, called Woman Tribune. It was started up by Holly at Menstrual Poetry and Amanda at Pajama Mommy as a forum for feminism and women's issues. She was looking for volunteers, so I signed up. You can see my first post pretty soon, so check it out. Since I plan on contributing there about once a week, I'll leave a little sidebar widget for all of my articles. At any rate, I wrote 590 for them.

That brings my total to a whopping 1590 for the week. 24,566 for the year.

Writing is fun, when it goes well.