Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekly Word Count, October 8-October 14

Another smashing week for poetry. Thanks to the two new prompt sites that have risen out of the ashes of Poetry Thursday, the lovely month and a half old Writers Island and the new and wonderful Totally Optional Prompts, I have written two poems this week. I also did a little revising.

So all combined, I have 1025 for the week. This brings my yearly total to 25,591.

The problem is that I'm engaging in a little (a lot) of procrastination. I have an article due by October 18 to the Uptown Neighborhood News that I avoided writing yesterday. I also would like to write another article/post at Woman Tribune. (I even have an idea.) And I just joined the staff of Poetic Monthly, so I have an article due by the end of the month.(I also have an idea for that one, too.) Last but not least on the procrastination celebration, a good friend of mine hosts a Halloween party each year where we have a scary story contest. This will be my third year, and I have yet to win. My scary story is in my head, where it can't remain for very long, or it will stop being scary and start being "scary."

If I don't surface this week, it's because I'm writing articles and scary stories as fast as I can.