Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wisconsin -- A Pictorial Guide

This weekend, my husband I went back to Wisconsin, near where I went to college, for a dear friend's wedding. While there, I was able to capture the odd beauty of Wisconsin.

Here is a small pictorial tour of our trip:

For the lonely Wisconsinites at the first rest stop...

The view of an empty field from beneath a pink elephant statue, at another rest stop.

Not all of the houses look like this one.

By far my favorite picture. This was abandoned in an alley in Madison. I'm not sure what it is, but I love the texture in the image.

This is only a short review of the wonders of Wisconsin, in all of its kitschy, earthy glory. This little trip helped me to remember why I love the Midwest.


Peter said...

Your choice of whimsical, everyday photos reminds me of the tone of Michael Feldman's radio show "Whad'ya Know?" -- he's as Wisconsin as Garrison keillor is Minnesota.

Cugat said...

Great pictures. That last one looks like the soundboard from a piano.