Monday, August 27, 2007

Poetry Book Club Selecton...Drumroll, please!

Frank Bidart's Star Dust is the September Poetry Book Club Selection. Bidart's book won by a landslide, 4-1, but don't feel bad for the rest of the books. Any book that received a vote will be included in next month's poll, and I will include 2 new books into the mix.

I will host a discussion post for Star Dust on September 24, so we have a little less than a month to find it and read it. Enjoy!

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...deb said...

I've got a used copy waiting for me at Powell's. I'll look forward to exploring.

PS--Cool about your grandmother's book. Very, very cool.

And PPS--A women's writer's group in Oregon is planning some sort of celebration event around Grace Paley's birthday laste fall in celebration of her birthday, December 11th. Maybe your area will, too.