Wednesday, August 29, 2007

for ee cummings fans like me

I am a pretty big e.e. cummings fan. I teach his poem Buffalo Bill's in my lit class, much to my students' dismay and chagrin. In college, I taught a poem of his to seventh graders, who actually liked it! Once, I even went to a party in a costume inspired by his poem, "i like my body when it is with your.". But, I never knew he wrote prose. However, I just learned that WW Norton is reissuing his travelogue of his experience in Russia, entitled EIMI. This sounds like an interesting read, although I am a little scared as to what his prose reads like. I pray for punctuation.


Paul said...

I like Cummings too. Ever read James Wright ?

Rethabile said...

Hooray for cummings, one of the most brilliant lyricists i know.

lil said...

pity this poor monster
manunkind yes DO
i've played with the littleness
of my bigness and yet
i'm here.
the razors that only raze
can't touch lifeblood...
and my wish that became
unwish is not yet done.
one has to have hope until...
may i see the next universe?
maybe just
yes, peace is an issue.
if no manunkind.
nor me.