Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Last of the PT Posts

It's more than a little bittersweet posting my last Poetry Thursday post ever. I think that Dana, Liz, and the entire PT community should be commended for the coolness that they created. I will definitely miss it... until the next project surfaces.

Here is my poem -- this is what immediately occurred to me when I read the trigger of "open a window." I don't know what it means, and it's awfully rough, but here it is.

After the Well

I remember bottles of potions, arrays
of sweets, all displayed within my reach.
Their tags, "Eat Me, Drink Me"
sang in soft tones. I remember
being so small, I could squeeze
through doll-sized doors and tiny keyholes.
This was okay, this insignificant size
until everything

loomed large around me. I was a small
seed, ready to sprout. Hours later,
wiping frosting off my lips, I was
expanding ever so quickly. I remember
my arms ached with growing pains, muscles
taut from so much stretching. I was
an unraveling vine, a creeping myrtle,
bursting with shoots, tendrils and leaves.

Before my snack, I fell asleep in fetal position
on the ground, dwarfed by furniture legs
and pebbles. As soon as I ate, I shot
forward, fast and against my will, crowding
the too small house. Chairs and tables
pressed into my flesh, swallowed by
soft folds of my skin.I thought

I would burst at tiny seams; I thought
I should open a window
or door, make room for myself. Just then,
my elbows shattered four panes of glass,
breaking the confines of my too small house.
I remember thinking, Oh bother,
now I'll never get home. This was the least
of my many young worries.


Crafty Green Poet said...

surreal, which is good. As are Alice in Wonderland references!

paisley said...

an excellent "remix" of alice loved it

Jo said...

Absolutely fantastic -- particularly like 'I was an unraveling vine, a creeping myrtle, bursting with shoots, tendrils and leaves'. And you bashed that out fast?????

Carole said...

A most imaginative re-telling of the 'Alice' story. I like its surreal quality too.

gautami said...

That dreamlike quality in here is very beautiful.Surreal effect persists.

lisrobbe said...

Such a strong and unique use of Surrealism. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite stories and you did a great recreation.

This Girl Remembers said...

Oh what a wonderful retelling of that surprising moment of Alice's! I love it. So evocative.

tumblewords said...

the descriptions are perfect, the words flow and the context is ever so fine!

...deb said...

I'm glad you misread the prompt--it makes it even more Alice-like...magical, meant-to-have-been.

Angie Shultis said...

I'm enamoured of the re-telling of fairy tales, folk stories, etc. and so I love this, especially the garden imagery (tendrils, creeping myrtle) and the sense of being cramped, contained. Nice!

Marie said...

I enjoy reading poems from a character's point of view. I envisioned every word!

I, too, shall miss Poetry Thursday greatly! I didn't even get to post on the last day and I was sad because I was swamped with sad! I shall definitely be ready for the next project...see ya there!