Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What My Life Looks Like Right Now...

I have been too busy to blog, lately. A paragraph here and there during the week hasn't been possible during the past week or two.
Part of it is due to the class, which I am officially half way through as of this week. It's a totally enriching experience and I really am learning alot. But, it's gobbled up a nice little portion of my free time.

Part of it is due to the job, which waxes and wanes in busy-ness and responsibility. And it's waxing right now. It should get better in the next week or two, but right now it's hugely busy.

And part of it is just because of my procrastination. I think of something to blog about, I imagine blogging about it, and it slips between my fingers when I tell myself I'm too busy to blog about it.

For instance, yesterday was the anniversary of publication of The Great Gatsby, quite possibly one of my favorite books of all time. F. Scott Fitzgerald, mad genius, was a St. Paul native and I thought, what a great topic to write about. And then, I went out to dinner with the husband, and did homework afterwards.

I never got to write about how I read TGG when I was 15 years old, the summer before I moved to Minnesota. How I devoured it, ignoring all other books. Then, I even rented the awful Robert Redford movie, and tried to decide if I'd rather be Nick or Daisy. (Definitely Nick.) When I went to college, I read every Fitzgerald book and tried to write like him. It's didn't work, of course.

So, happy belated birthday to The Great Gatsby. I wonder if F. Scott Fitzgerald procrastinated...

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poet with a day job said...

I am sure he did...procrastination is definitely part of the writing process. Some people call it meditation, others stimulation...but we all share in it.