Friday, April 13, 2007

Sheep and Feathers

The Loft, a non-profit writing organization in the TC, emailed out the link to this Galway Kinnell/Josephine Dickinson slide show. In it, both Dickinson and Kinnell read a poem, while you watch pictures from their lives.

Kinnell and Dickinson recently performed a dual reading, as part of a program called Talking Volumes, which is co-sponsored by Minnesota Public Radio and Star Tribune. MPR broadcasts an evening of interviews and readings with a famous writer, the Loft encourages purchase of their books, and the Star Trib publishes reviews and excerpts of the books.

Talking Volumes is one of the true joys of living in Minneapolis -- I got to meet Robert Bly at his Talking Volumes reading several years ago. He asked me if he said anything in the interview that offended me. I lied and said no. (He said grad school was useless and I was in the middle of grad school.)