Monday, February 11, 2008

In Six Words

I've had an eventful morning, to say the least. While working out, I read my Time Magazine, which contained a short sidebar column about a new book, Not Quite What I Was Planning. In this book, people sum up their life story in 6 words. My favorite that Time excerpted was Joan River's quote, "Liars, hysterectomy didn't improve sex life!"

Being the good little blogger I am, I thought: What a great concept! This would make an interesting post. So, I started thinking about what my 6 words would be. Visions of my six word sentences drifted in and out of my head while I finished my push-ups. Even while I was making my breakfast of a cinnamon raisin bagel, I was still pondering the six words.

Until the knife slipped and a flap of skin opened on my left thumb tip. Then, of course, language left me. I went to the bathroom, washed off the cut -- still blooming with blood, and called my husband to tell him I was going to the clinic. Luckily, the clinic is two blocks from my house (yay city living), and the doctor stitched me up within an hour.

The nurses and doctor laughed at me/with me when I told them that I had worked at a bagel shop during college. This was also the summer that I had the worst accident record at the bagel shop, and got stitches on my thumb, during my vacation at Winnipeg Folk Festival when cutting an apple. (The cut was so deep I saw what fat looked like when it is inside your body. Kind of like cottage cheese.) It was then, in that moment of giggling, that I came to my six words, which sum up my life:

Some stitches, not too many scars.

So what are your six words? And how has your morning been?


Alex... Your Brother! said...

Ouch! Gotta be more careful, Jess. That's why I don't think when I do things... ever. Its just safer that way.

michelle said...

I heart your six words.

...deb said...

Love your story and the asociated six-words.

I'll have to think about this...w/o a knife in my hand!

kate said...

Yowch, I hope you are feeling ok! My dad had told me about the 6 words project. I emailed him back to thank him for the interesting news, and to tell him the people I was nanny-ing for decided to let me go and get a housekeeper instead, but I was glad because I wanted more time away from nanny-jobs anyway. He wrote back:
"Dismissed as nanny, cared for self."

Shelley said...

Accidentally off the beaten track.

Different days, different answers... same me.

jaime said...

I blogged on this topic a few days ago. My six words were:

Through it all, slept a lot.

GFS3 said...

This is always a fun project. It actually started with Hemingway -- who was challenged to write a story in six words.

I did a post on it a while back you might be interested in.