Saturday, February 2, 2008

What We Did Today, Beneath a Jumbotron

Since we're precinct captains, we got "rockstar" seating at the Target Center Obama rally today -- standing room on the floor. While my whole body aches from standing in line for 2 hours, then standing in the Target Center for another 2 hours, and craning my neck up to watch Obama on the Jumbotron we stood beneath, it was an awesome experience to hear him speak in person. I even got to see him without a mediating screen between people's heads, towards the end of the speech.

Super Tuesday, here we come.


Jessica said...

Here's a short video of the rally:

According to the Star Tribune, 20,000 people were there.

susan said...

Amazing! I'd stand and ache to hear him. Just think you're intimately connected to making history.