Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yes, I'm Slowly Healing

My Body's Slow Response

Each day, my small cut reduces, grows thick
with brown callous. Skin expands and contracts,
growing over a weeks-old mistake. Soon,
I won't remember life without this scar.

(February 26)

I wrote this quatrain today, in my brand new quatrain journal. I made the cover last night and downsized to a smaller, lined notebook, in an effort to commit myself to this project. The "found" quatrains on the cover, cobbled together from magazine ads and lines from Poetry magazine poems, read:

Among the things the body doesn't know
it is the dark box I return to most:
Luckily there's enough regrets.

There is no headline
No photograph, no
Only silence.

Imagine four
true wild

I hang your lips
like birdseed
outside my door.
What choice do I have?

let go
the snow
It's easy.

Tonight, my husband and I watched The Darjeeling Limited and this quatrain popped into my head again, when Owen Wilson's character unwraps all his bandages and says, "It looks like I have more healing to do." I like small syncronicities like these.


Christine said...

I like this idea very much. It's a great way to build a collection of poems, to journal, to keep yourself on track, and to treasure your own words, and found words!

Dennis said...

I absolutely love that this is about healing. Sometimes we need to watch a wound heal over and fade. There's just something about the process that's amazing.


Jo said...

Beautiful writing, Jessica, very impressive.