Monday, June 18, 2007

Poetic Verbs, June 11-June 17

I have been finished with my class for about a week, and I don't have to take the next one until the end of July, so I've been luxuriating in procrastination and guilty TV pleasures. Despite the overwhelming instinct to melt into my couch, I have been pretty productive.

Here are the things I've done this week to honor my writing practice:

* put together my packet of poems for my writer's group
* attended writer's group
* went through all of my old writer's group poems (about 30 in all), read through all the comments, and determined what actions need to be taken on each poem.
* created a spreadsheet to track these writer's group poems(I love spreadsheets)
* purchased a new digital camera (in preparation for my vacation, but also to help take better pictures for this blog, among other things)
* took 2 separate inspiration walks around my neighborhood to take pictures and notice images

I didn't get to actual writing, but I think most of these actions will help with the composition and revision processes.