Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's June 30, Seven AM, Do You Know What the Poetry Book Club Book Is?

Tomorrow, I leave for the much anticipated, much needed vacation with my mother. Today, I have to wrap up loose ends. Probably the biggest loose end for this blog is our selection for the Poetry Book Club Book for July.

Since I will be gone until July 7, the selection will take place on July 8. We'll have a discussion post on July 24, since I will be selecting late.

Here are some suggestions, made in the past...

* Gino suggested Tramp in Flames by Paul Farley

* Aaron suggested Real Karaoke People by Ed Bok Lee

Here are my suggestions for the month, to help fan the flames of debate...

* For a little nepotism, here's my graduate advisor and hero Deborah Keenan's latest book, Willow Room, Green Door

* Elizabeth Alexander's most recent book American Sublime

* Because she kills me, Louise Gluck's new book, Averno

That should be enough for selection. If you have your own recommendation for next month's book or if you want to vote for one of the above, please leave it in the comments.

Have a great week!

1 Comment:

...deb said...

I want to read them all.

That said, I'll give my preferred order. I am pushing Farley down a bit, simply because it's an UK publisher and might take me a bit to put my hands on it (it's an order from Powell's and not available from my library).


If forced to actually suggest a volume, I'd say Nick Flynn's latest
, or Billy Collins, as I've not read them extensively