Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Poetry With a Partner

Jack, from Monkeyboy, and I wrote this poem via Gmail before the holidays for RWP. Definitely an interesting experience, and I think I'm quite fond of the result. Enjoy!

I once loved to disbud flowers, press beheaded blossoms between two cruel fingers.
Petals fell by the wayside as I shaped the plant to my taste.
I was left with only my hands full of stems, a flash of fragrance in my throat.
Rose water running down my face and feet taken root when I wasn’t looking,
and the insistent tug of roots seeking sustenance. Thorns dotted my thighs,
leaves uncurled gently among my hair, the sun beckoned me
out from the shade. I curled my arms, tender petals, towards warmth
and trusted my own buds to the light and the wind
I longed for shelter, even as I bent my tendrils towards the sky.


Pete Moss said...

Ooh la-la... I just wrote one with the help of my honey myself...

Anonymous said...

You two worked very well together! To me, this poem reads as if one person wrote it. As I told Jack, it felt so real, the experience of becoming a rose. The feel of the petals, the movement...a truly imaginative poem.

PS: I read Tao Lin's book, and loved it. I don't think it would be fair for me to vote on the new batch, since I'm not familiar with the choices. Since the rest of you chose such a terrific book for the last one, I feel secure in your taste.

J said...

It was a definite pleasure to write with you. Thanks again. :)

Donetta said...

I like it.