Saturday, December 22, 2007

January Poetry Book Club Poll

Now that it's almost January (yikes), I would like to suggest the following books for Poetry Book Club. I will announce the winner on December 29, after the poll is closed. The book will be due on January 31.

Patricia Smith -- Teahouse of the Almighty

Hart Crane -- White Buildings

Rae Armantrout -- Next Life

Mary Ruefle -- Indeed I Was Pleased With the World

Matthea Harvey -- Modern Life

Vote early and often!


Poet with a Day Job said...

I won't vote because I haven't been a part of the book club, but I will say I heard Matthea Harvey read from that book and it was terrific. I think there would be a lot to talk about with that book.

Jessica said...

Thanks for hte info -- I've tried Harvey's first book and didn't fall in love, but I'm willing to give her another shot.

Btw, you can totally vote even if you don't participate. I don't mind...

...deb said...

I had a hard time deciding, so I went with Melissa's recommendation...and won't hold her to what I think about the book.

Interesting choices. How did you come up with the list?