Saturday, December 1, 2007

How Many Have You Read?

The New York Times released its list of the 100 Notable Books of the Year. From this list, I've read one book. Maybe I'm a little behind.

Out of the 100 books listed, 4 were poetry. Since I've only read the mega-best seller on the list, I can't truly complain. But it would be nice to see more than 4% poetry.

Here are the poetry books that they highlighted, with links to their New York Times reviews.

THE COLLECTED POEMS, 1956-1998. By Zbigniew Herbert. Translated by Alissa Valles.
NEXT LIFE. By Rae Armantrout.
SELECTED POEMS. By Derek Walcott. Edited by Edward Baugh.
TIME AND MATERIALS: Poems, 1997-2005. By Robert Hass.

Looks like I need to do some book shopping, as if I needed an excuse.


poet with a day job said...

Dude, like, none of them! I feel like such a schmuck!

Mariacristina said...

Thanks for the list! I'll go see how many of them I've read. I usually browse their new and noteworthy lists for paperbacks. :P

Jo said...

Frankly I'm amazed that four made it that far......I don't recall seeing poetry books cited on such lists in the UK. Thanks for the tip-offs!