Monday, December 17, 2007

Poetry Book Club Interview Opportunity

Over the weekend, I emailed Tao Lin, author of this month's Poetry Book Club Selection you are a little happier than i am. He has generously agreed to engage in an email interview! This is an excellent opportunity to hear directly about his process, inspirations, experience writing the book, or pretty much anything we want to know.

I will be developing some questions to send to him later this week, but I wanted to check with the rest of you guys. If you have any questions for Tao Lin, please leave a comment at this post or email me at 9to5poet at gmail dot com. There is also still time to get in on the PBC action, since his book isn't due until December 31!


...deb said...

Ah, I hadn't planned on reading until the plane on the 21st, but now...perhaps I'll put down American Gods for a bit (I'm just into the second section) and see about Tao Lin. (You've read Gaimon already?)

Very cool to have Mr. Lin respond to questions.

Jessica said...

Oh, American Gods is awesome and probably hard to put down. I understand. (You should check out Neil Gaiman's blog, which is listed in my famous writer link list.)

I also think its pretty cool to have Mr. Lin accept the interview. Dana just sent me this interview with him from bookslut, and he will definitely be an interesting interview subject!

...deb said...

Oh this is going to be...a little bit more difficult that i thought... it would be. I have to say I am not enjoying his writing. It might be my mood, but I don't find all the i's very intersting.

Have you started it? Any insight to help me be a little more open-minded?

I wonder if it is an age thing. Can a middle-aged woman find poetry in the mind of a young hipster? I would hate if this is a generation thing. It doesn't bode well for my intellectual-future to not be able to hear what-will-be-modern-language. But it well could be. I am not intigued by self-absorption; his emotional mirror is not finding a place for me.

On the other hand, I am intrigued by his blog: I would like his fiction more. But I went to Mississippi Review. And I'm not so sure.

...deb said...
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...deb said...

OK. I like this:

Asphalt Sky said...

Dang it! Blogger just ate my first comment. Summary of the first comment:

I like his book a lot, but I had to become acclimated to his voice. It took me a good third of the book before I got into it. I think that perhaps his pov is valuable because he is so generational, although that can certainly alienate an audience. At times, I felt old and I'm 30. :) Keep on trucking, ...deb!

Jessica said...

aack! dumb bloggert -- that last comment was from me, Jessica, not the journal Asphalt Sky.