Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Did Emily Dickinson or Edna St. Vincent Millay ever have days (weeks) where they didn't feel poetic? Where they just were bone tired and didn't have the energy to see things with the lyric eye? I suppose, this could be why one was a recluse and the other was a drug addict, but I have a feeling it's not.

This week is the week where I have two jobs. I still have one week of teaching left at the old job, and I've begun working at the new job. So I work for two hours in the morning at the new job, leave at 11:30, commute for half an hour, teach for two hours, commute for another half an hour, then work for three hours at the new job. Gulp.

So all this driving, sitting at computers, last minute grading, completing of human resources paper work, and meeting new coworkers, has left me drooling on the couch, watching all the new must see shows for the fall. (Chuck and Reaper weren't half bad, even if I was in a drooling state. Or perhaps because I was in a drooling state.)

I want to write poems. I have the desire, somewhere deep in my body. I had inspiration -- both Writers Island and the Traveling Poetry Show are giving me prompts galore. But, mostly, I just want to relax and drool.

So, I think tonight, I'm going to try this exercise out of Julia Cameron's The Right to Write. (I've been reading it for a week. It's kind of her "Just Do It" mantra book, so far.) I'm paraphrasing her directions: In order to get in touch with the writerly side, find a quiet place to sit, and number a list from 1 to 100. Then, fill the list with things that you love. Then, post the list at your writing desk.

I think I'll try it before falling into bed. If it doesn't work, I should snap out of this by Friday, my last day at the old job.


...deb said...

Congratulations on getting through that week. I think you probably owe yourself a pat on the back and a "buy" on writing during that time.

Enjoy working at one job!

Jessica said...

Hi ...deb,

Thanks for your encouragement. I have in fact made it through. I finished my last speck of grading this morning and I am officially down to one job. And since my new job requires that I work next Saturday, I have Monday off. So, 3 day weekend. :) Life is good.

Jo said...

Yikes that's a big week, you deserve to drool LOL. Once you get into your groove, watch the poems fly out (which I for one am looking forward to!).

Jessica said...

Thanks Jo! I can mop up the drool now (ew!) and grab my journal and start working. Finally!

jonas said...

arg, Julia Cameron. Too many writer friends raving about her books. I got one for a gift and it just sits. A great book I saw a while back, can't remember the author, though it's mostly geared toward fiction writing is "The Lie that Tells the Truth or The Truth that Tells a Lie" not sure which it is.

Another one is "The Portable MFA" why every writer should seriously reconsider entering an MFA program