Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Greatest Use of the Internet... Ever!

A very close friend of mine from college recently graduated from the Writing & Poetics program at Naropa in Boulder, CO. A friend of hers just told me about an amazing project that he's working on at Naropa, the Naropa Audio Archive. This archive is a collection of over 2000 hours of activities (readings, conferences, interviews, etc.) at the university. As non-Naropa people, we can access about a quarter of that through the Internet Archive site.

I haven't had time to go over it in a really detailed fashion, but it is awesome! If you like the Beat poets, as I do, this is the site to browse. You can listen to classes that Allen Ginsberg taught before he passed away! Or an Amiri Baraka lecture on revolutionary poetics! Or a reading with Amiri Baraka, Diane DiPrima and Robert Duncan!

I think I feel faint...