Saturday, January 13, 2007

Publication Opportunity for the Unpublished Masses

I found this article from my Publisher's Weekly daily email and it sounds like a fantastic opportunity.

You can go to and post a first chapter of a novel for review. The website's participants will comment and review on your offering and the 5 best offerings will be reviewed by a panel of judges, for possible publication by Simon & Schuester.

Interestingly enough, recently sparked a deal with Borders to help Borders gain customers, through promotion on's site. So the first chapter contest includes guaranteed promotion by the #2 big box book retailer.

I was considering submitting my own chapters from my stagnating 1920's novel, but the entire book is due by February. I don't think I can finish a novel by then.


Poet with a Day Job said...

J! Thanks for visiting my blog - I am not sure how I haven't come across your blog before: you are a part of PT, no?

Anyway, talk about a kindred spirit: working the 9-5 (or in my case, 8:30-5) and trying to make a life out of writing. And a Capricorn too!

Looking forward to more commiseration and inspiration -


Jessica said...

PWADJ - I laughed when I saw yr. blog name...great minds and all. (technically, I'm a 9:30-6:30, but 9to5 has a nicer ring to it.)

I just started lurking on PT about a month ago and last time was my first PT entry.

Thanks for stopping by! :)