Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Goodbye Politics!

Today is a sad day for alternative newspaper journalism. Steve Perry, editor of the Minneapolis/St. Paul City Pages, is leaving his post after 13 years. He left this letter on the City Pages blog today.

In between the lines of this gracious exit letter lies a political struggle with the City Pages' parent company Village Voice Media. Steve Perry is cut from the old school journalistic cloth; he's a severe leftist political commentator who uses his paper as an outlet for his political slant. Meanwhile, the parent company is looking for a more apolitical tone for their papers. Steve Perry doesn't fit into the new vision of the company, a vision where diversity is squelched and homogeneity reigns supreme.

Over my coming of age in Minneapolis, after leaving L.A. as a teen, weaned on LA Weekly I have come to rely on City Pages for it's current, rousing, and yes, liberal, news journalism. I am hoping that another one of our weekly freebies takes the City Pages' place as a leader in lefty news reporting in this die-hard lefty town.