Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Wasting Time #4 -- Guilty Pleasures

Warning! This has nothing to do with poetry writing or anything deep. I'm trying to be okay with that. But, if I can't handle frivolity on Day 6 of NaBloPoMo, this is going to be a long month.

As I sit on my couch, watching the end of Beauty and the Geek while waiting for Reaper to start, I realize that I have a lot of guilty pleasures. There are a lot of things I consume, pop culture mostly, which make me feel slightly greasy later. They have no intellectual value whatsoever, but they are fun. They are the intellectual equivalent of marshmallow fluff. And yet, I always come back for more.

So here's my Top Five Guilty Pleasures... although I reserve the right to alter this list when I find something better.

1)Nerdy TV
This year has been declared the Year of the Beta Male by many news outlets, what with the introduction of all the new movies and TV shows dedicated to geeky guys and their interests. But what about us geeky girls? We like junk like Heroestoo! Most of the TV Shows in my DVD collection represent the canon of Dorky TV. I could teach the master's class -- Simpsons, Powerpuff Girls, Buffy, Lost, and X-Files. In fact, I did use Simpsons clips while teaching literature and Buffy clips when teaching Speech. Those were the days...

2) Perez Hilton

I am embarrassed to admit this, but I really like Perez Hilton's site. I know I’m going to Hell, in the circle that’s reserved for people who park in handicap spots or who read gossip magazines. However, he’s really funny! I know that’s not an excuse, but honestly, when I have a bad day at work, I can relax to pictures of Britney “Unfitney” Spears wobbling out of a club with a doodled booger hanging out of her nose.

3) Seeing Movies in the Theater

My husband and I see one movie every weekend. Then, we rent movies on DVD… you know, for the ones we missed. Even though I love movies in all forms, I prefer theater movies. Despite ludicrous ticket prices, obnoxious fellow patrons, and my ridiculously small bladder, I love the experience. Nothing can match sitting in the dark, eating Milk Duds or Whoppers, and getting swallowed by a movie. Some of the embarrassing movies I’ve seen in the theater: Transporter, Billy Madison, The One, Serendipity, Pay It Forward, and most recently the appalling Shoot ‘Em Up. (Why Clive, why?) Seriously, I’ll watch almost anything in the movie theater.

4) Smelly Candles

While in graduate school, I worked at my local Pier 1. I originally got the job based on my familiarity and enthusiasm for their candles. Once I got the job, I loaded up on clearance candles every chance that I got. You know that sickly smell when you enter a Pier 1, where every candle smell mingles into one floral-earthy-vanilla haze? I achieved that in our apartment. After that, my husband kindly asked me to downsize and I’ve slowly pared down my collection. Besides, they don’t make Carmel Butter anymore, which is my all time favorite.

5) Used Bookstores

So this one may have some intellectual value. But not much. When my husband and I lived in Illinois, our favorite weekend involved either going to a flea market or taking a tour of our favorite used bookstores. Now that we live in Minnesota, we still search out the vintage and used stores, but mostly to get specific books, not to browse. There’s something that’s pretty magical about finding out of print books or books I’ve forgotten I’ve wanted while wandering the aisles. I even like the musty-dusty smell of used bookstores. Whenever I make a pile of books to take to one of our local stores, I always feel a little melancholy for them. But, I quickly forget about them when I find new ones to take home.

There are my guilty pleasures…out there for the world to see. But I shouldn’t have to do this alone. So, what are your guilty pleasures?


Jo said...

Now let's see....

Writing poetry at the expense of keeping my house sparkly!

Gossiping over coffees after school drop-off in the mornings.

Watching tv (though it's cut down a lot recently since Brothers & Sisters and The Sopranos finished).

I think number one is my main offence GRIN.

poet with a day job said...

It all fills the well, so why do we have to be hard on ourselves about things that give us joy? If we always have to be serious God help us.

And anyway, your list hardly seems guilty at all. I am a BIG Charmed and Smallville fan - not only of the TV show but also the tie-in YA fiction books! I also spend more time in movie theatres than sleeping!

Holly said...

REAPER? Oh come on, you should be watching House! :D

Good luck on NaBloPoMo!!

kate said...

Ok, ok, I'll admit it: I read magazines way too much. And sure, sometimes it's Poets & Writers or Puppetry International, but often I feel nothing beats coming home from work and lounging in the bathtub with a silly fashion or fitness magazine... I value my trashy girly magazine time. Everyone needs their brain candy. And then there's TV shows on DVD... we're up to season 4 of West Wing so far. :)

Jessica said...

gosh, y'all have good guilty pleasures.

jo -- you'd be proud to note that i cleaned rather than write (not a typical choice for me).

pwadj -- thanks for the reminder. sometimes i'm a bit type-a and have a hard time relaxing. btw, I think I can top yr charmed books -- buffy comics. i'm a nerd and i know it.

holly -- i know, i know. House is good, but we're talking guilty pleasures -- not actual quality shows. :0

kate (this comment will make more sense if this is my friend kate, which i hope it is. if not, sorry random kate with a private blogger profile.) -- i have a hard time imagining you read trashy girly magazines. :)

Anonymous said...

All work and no play makes Jessica...et al.

There's work...and there's the rest of the week. The operative word is rest.

Enjoy your life! Play hard!...any way you want to. Isn't that why we work so hard anyway...to earn the right to do exactly what we want in our spare time?

Los Angeles

Thee Mike Brown said...

boulder colorado has the most used book stores per capita. there's a really cool building in grass valley california with ten used book stores in it. i once met cormac mccarthy in a used bookstore in santa fe. one of my other guilty pleasures is spending way too much time on the internet. sometimes it pays off though. bye!