Thursday, November 8, 2007

Haiku #17 -- Among Strangers

Among Strangers

With bundled bodies,
frozen smiles, we are always
preparing for cold.

* * *

As I take public transportation every day now, I've become a bit of a student on human behavior. At least, human behavior when humans are forced to share a limited amount of space, while waking up in the morning. Lately, it's been so cold in the mornings that the 3-4 of us at the bus stop have to move around to keep our toes and fingers warm. We may chat, in monosyllabic phrases about the weather, but we still have to keep that weird polite distance that we call Minnesota nice. The above haiku is inspired by this awkward morning ritual.


Jo said...

I like this capturing....very good.

Thee Mike Brown said...

the picture goes great with the poem. i love haiku. basho rocks. write on!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the comments, Jo & Mike.

I agree that basho does indeed rock!