Friday, March 2, 2007

A Snow Day and a Half, And Now This...

This could be the best week ever.

We have had a snowstorm to beat all snowstorms -- 12-18 inches by 6 PM tonight. Normally, my school stays open during all inclement weather, because, hey, we're Minnesotans. But, we closed at 12:00 on Thursday and we aren't opening at all today. This gives me a 3-1/2 day weekend. My husband's work also closed early yesterday and didn't open today. So that's 3-1/2 days off with the husband. Woo-hoo.

Now, as I'm whiling away my morning in my p.j.'s, when I should be battling the commute to work, I find this. SARK, one of my favorite writers of all time, has a new book coming out. She hasn't released a new book in a couple of years, not since Make Your Creative Dreams Real. She published the paperback in 2005! (Hardcover came out earlier, naturally.)

While I enjoyed this book, it was a bit of a departure from her unique style. Normally, her books are handwritten and they included black and white and color doodles that illustrate her ideas. They are idiosyncratic and funny and a great bathtub read. Her last book, however, was more of a traditional self-help book that was typeset, with little to no doodles. There was plenty of good information, but it didn't feel like a SARK book. Of course, I devoured it anyway, but I have yet to go back to it. Her other books, I read over and over.

Her new book, which releases on April 24 of this year, is called Fabulous Friendship Festival: Loving Wildly, Learning Deeply, Living Fully with Our Friends. As the title suggests, it covers how to develop and maintain outside friendships, the friendship with yourself, and how to create new friends. As someone who can be a little shy, I know I cannot wait for this book to come out.

If only I could have a copy now and spend the entire day in my bathtub. Hooray for snow in March, or Smarch as my husband's been calling it.