Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Dear TV Executives,

While getting ready for work this morning and trying to hear the headlines, my morning news program spent 10 minutes interviewing a radio personality about American Idol. I'm as into cheesy reality shows as the next American, but enough is enough. If you are going to spend valuable news time, forcing this show down our throats, can I make a programming suggestion?

I humbly suggest that you create Poetry Idol for your new fall lineup. It's true, reading poetry is in decline in some segments of our population, but it is no less intriguing than cooking or modeling or designing. While poets are not always photogenic, we are prone to depression, theatrics, and on occasion, embarrassingly bad poetry.

Please, at least consider my suggestion. And, if you use it, I will wait outside in the rain with all the other aspiring poets, waiting for a celebrity panel to thrash my sonnets.