Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Thinking About New Hampshire in a Different Way

Why do I love the New York Times? Because, today, they published an excellent editorial from Donald Hall about voting. Sort of. It was really about the weather in New Hampshire and the snowfalls of his childhood. Sort of. It was really really about the noise that has been invading his state for a year and a half, the noise that is unnatural and will be leaving in 24 hours. It's about how he's craving the silence in his state. Sort of. It's about all of these things.

What I love most about this editorial is not the sentiment. It's kind of typical --a childhood recollection, a smattering of quiet political observations, a longing for the political process to be about community, and a communion with nature. Some of these are already Hall's tropes. But it's the fact that in 2008, we can be on the eve of an important primary, and the Times gives space to see what Donald Hall can say to us that makes us think about it in a different way. That's the power of poetry. So, go read him pontificate.

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Anonymous said...

For me, it comes down to how the hype finds its way into people's subconscious. Could anyone cast a vote from their intuitive core when the noise and hoopla drowns out contemplation? I think not.

Hall's piece is wonderful because it gets to the important part of the election process. We have a life, and the world goes on around us. It is not about the noise, but the quiet spaces inbetween where we can confidently give our very personal endorsement.

I can't imagine dealing with the noise of New Hampshire m'self. I'm glad someone gave out a few pointers as to how to do it.