Monday, January 28, 2008

Help Pick the February/March Poetry Book Club Book

While discussion on January's Poetry Book Club, Matthea Harvey's Modern Life, will commence on January 31, it's time to pick February/March Poetry Book Club book. So, the poll's up, and here are links to our five options:

Rae Armantrout – Next Life
Mary Ruefle – Indeed I Was Pleased With the World
Anna Moschovakis – I Have Not Been Able to Get Through to Everyone
Graham W. Foust – Necessary Stranger
Leilani Hall – Swimming the Witch

I must be in an odd mood, because many of these books are a little "different," to use a Minnesota euphemism. But, I think they'll all create an interesting discussion. Please vote by February 5, so that we can get ready to discuss the book by March 1. Happy voting!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Jessica. I vote for Swimming the Witch.

They all look like excellent choices, so I'll be happy reading any of them. :)

...deb said...

I'm for Hall, too. Second choice Foust. But I'll read anything that gets picked.