Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Reading List 2008: WWMcD?

My husband encouraged me to read the graphic novel Shooting War by Anthony Lappe & Dan Goldman (192 pages). So I read a little every night before going to bed. This was not a bright idea, because I got horribly vivid dreams about the Iraq War.

Let me back up -- Shooting War works on the premise that it is now 2011. The Iraq War hasn't stopped, John McCain is president, and one videoblogger is sent to cover the war for a CNN/Fox-News-type network, after a brief brush with a sort of morbid fame. Said videoblogger gets mired in the complexities and lies of the war, all while trying to rediscover his journalistic integrity.

What's scary about this is that it doesn't feel science-fiction-y in the least. The predictions are scarily authentic and the politics, while extremely left-leaning, show awareness of the multitudes of gray areas in this war.

I would highly recommend this book, if you like political writing or graphic novels.

Total For 2008: 823 pages
Genres: Memoir (1), Essay (1), Graphic Novel (1)

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susan said...

My spouse is a true science fiction fan. What I've learned from him is how broad the range of science fiction is. Thanks for the recommendation.

This year I want to spend a great deal of my time writing poetry that is political. It's time. I'm truly disgusted and bent as hell about the state of our world.

I've read enough flowers, babies and personal neurosis. I need something else. Something that is personal and political. Work that demands change and a willingness to be critical our actions, beliefs and ideas.