Sunday, February 11, 2007

Public Domain on the Web

I just discovered this great site. It's an organization called LibriVox. It's goal is to find all the public domain works and create download-able audio versions for public use. The catalog is divided by writing genre: Fiction, Non Fiction, Poetry & Dramatic Works.

Of course, I viewed the poetry section. It's a little thin, only 30 entries, but it's developing. (You can view what works are in progress.) On the first page of in-progress entries, it lists The Odyssey and the Divine Comedy. In the completed section, it does list some of my favorite old-school poets, like Blake, Coleridge, and Dickinson.

I love when technology is used for such interesting work!


hugh said...

hi jessica, any chance you'll record for us?

Jessica said...

Wow -- thanks for stopping by. I love yr. site.

I would really like to record for your project, but I think I need to upgrade my technological equipment. (somehow I think the mic in my MP3 player, the only mic I have, won't give very good sound quality.) But I'll definitely research it!