Sunday, July 15, 2007

5 Truths

Before going on vacation a couple of weeks ago, I made this journal. I knew I had to make a new journal before I left, because the previous one was starting to show signs of its age and was almost full. Whenever I make journals, I do a haphazard collage, cobbled together out of magazine pictures. This time, I was making the journal while hanging out with a friend and I wasn't feeling too inspired. My friend found the headline "5 Truths" and said, "Try this one." Boy, was he right. (I hardly ever say that, so he must be doing a happy jig about now.)

While in Jamaica, I used the journal's title to create a writing exercise. I made lists of 5 things that were true about me. The lists seemed to encapsulate themes, all on their own. After writing a couple of lists, a poem bubbled to the surface. It was pretty magical, the way it happened so automatically.

So, if you would like to try it, all you have to do is write at the top of your journal page 5 Truths. Then, write one sentence (minimum) for each truth. Don't force it, just let the sentences create the form. If a poem doesn't occur to you after writing them down, pick one of the truths and write about that.

Here's an example, written right now.


5 Truths About Me Right Now

1. I need to take a leap of faith in my work life.
2. I'm scared to take that leap.
3. I use activity as a way to procrastinate and mask my true feelings.
4. I would like to learn how to sit still.
5. I'm not too bad, and actually quite human, after all.


Donetta said...

nice journal and wonderful idea

Sasha said...

Hi Jessica, thanks for the idea, I gave it a shot. Not sure a poem will result from it, but #5 is promising.

Jessica said...

Hi Donetta -- thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you liked.

Hi Sasha -- loved your post!